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Thursday, May 04, 2006


So, the big news this week is definitely Telecom…if you are on the business end of it.

On society’s end, they might be more concerned with the Civil Defence "mess up" on the tsunami warning.

Come to think of it, cheaper and faster broadband may just rank higher than tsunami’s that "was never going to reach NZ".

In any case, a tsunami may or may not wipe out a city on the coast of NZ. But the news this week from our current Labour-coalition government has wiped out an estimated NZD1.5 billion from Telecom’s market value. This included around about a 9% drop in the US share markets, 7% in Australia and a 10% drop in NZ. All this in right mark on the spot just after the news was announced (with the exception of NZ, where it was announced 15 min after the market had closed) that Telecom will be ordered to unbundle the local loop. This drop alone dragged the NZX down by 2.4%.

Yes, open your eyes and gasp at how one stock can so dominantly influence the local market. Telecom accounts for about 20% of the listed companies on the NZX, and to lose more than 1 billion overnight is no light manner.

For myself, I have managed to avoid this onslaught just through mere common sense…the regulation was coming! How could anyone have thought otherwise?

While to some extent I agree with the fact that government "we will do something" statements can sometimes be half arsed, or mean "do something in 10 years", this isn’t such a case. If anyone, anyone at all, had been following the history, buildup and public tit-for-tat going on in the past 8 months, this decision is no more a surprise than the fact that you’d wake up tomorrow morning. And if you ARE among those that have jumped on the Telecom bandwagon of solid shares…Come on people! This is just plain ignorance!

I say this in response to Mr Y telling me he lost a tidy (fuckload) sum in the last day or so, and is now in a position where he has to hold on and see what happens. I patted him on the shoulder and told him;



Warm escapes and a sight for sore eyes

I’ve decided not to do my spew on Lauren. I do not think you would have missed much except for the oiling bit and anyway, there will be more to come… or so I should hope.

Was swamped with work for the most part from Monday to Thursday (yesterday). While I still find time to make some entries into my blog while catching a breather, 18 hour days doesn’t really leave much time for anything else.

I did however, manage to catch up with Shanel yesterday for a drink though. Crow Bar is a nice place to have a drink at…or at least it used to be. I have always hated the semi-circular booths they had there. How do you deem it possible to be sitting like school boys in a line and expecting to socialise only with the person to the left and right of you? And toilet breaks means the whole crew has to get out of the booth…and back again, and out again and back again…

Still, I normally pick the seats on the aquarium side of the bar…proper seats with proper circular tables. Of late, having not been there for about half a year now, I noticed that the décor inside along with the once decent looking leather seats, were now looking tired and run down.

Anyway, I met up with Shanel just a little after 10. Shanel, is probably one of the only ones whom I’m still seeing after about 6 months. She has this air of mystery around her, a stunning long haired blonde with a little waves, but not curly at all. A slim and tall, elegant looking beauty, with a sweet smile and a soft voice.

Among all the others I find my comfort in her. I am able to talk to her without just thinking of fucking her. She’s way more than that. But commitment is of course, still far off…

The relationship with her over these past 6 months has been getting more and more intimate with time. I am starting to be cautious of this, often trying not to let myself get in any deeper than I want to be by mitigating the factors surrounding it. When sometimes I notice I am getting a little too comfortable around her, I opt not to see her for a couple of days, weeks even, just to let myself cool down. Often in that time frame, I am with others. And while I do admit to thinking about her at times, I often don’t.

I think the last time I saw Shanel was about 2 weeks ago. Shanel has a way of not looking at all like she’s really into someone, by the fact that while we still have chats on the phone, she didn’t make an effort to push for date or a night out or anything like that. She seemed oblivious to it but at times would make statements like "the next time we see each other…", without specifically asking when that would be.

So at about 7 last night she called and asked if I was still at the office. I told her I was and she asked if I was finishing late as she was in town with some of her friends, and wouldn’t mind having a drink with me after. I obliged, knowing full well that I myself did miss her a little and she would be a sight for sore eyes and an escape from the pressures of work for at least a while.

Dressed casually, she still looked stunning in a girl-next-door type fashion. As she smiled sweetly and stood up for us to exchange kisses, she commented on how tired I looked with a slight, playful frown. I smiled at her and told her it can only get better from here with her around.

We talked about our lives for the past 2 weeks, with me carefully omitting certain aspects of it. To say that Shanel thinks I am loyal and committed to her in any way is truly false. We have never made a move towards a committed relationship. In fact, we never really talked about it that way. She doesn’t talk about her endeavours and neither do I ask, vice versa. Things are all good as it is.

After 2 Heineken’s for myself, and her with just a vodka orange, she leaned forward and stared at me for a while.

"What is it?" I asked.

She smiled and told me there wasn’t anything, and that she was going to go as it was well, a weekday and past her "bedtime". I asked her if she needed a ride, knowing full well that she drove into town anyway.

We briefly mentioned something about the weekend, but promised nothing. Today is Friday and at the moment I haven’t even thought of whether I’d call her yet. Krystal is back from Paris tomorrow and at the moment, I’m tossing between warm touches and wild escapades…if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The bliss of bloody ignorance

Focus on the present. What is the norm of life?

You’d think each day beckons with a waking that you want more, or less, or probably just for everything to end. The latter part of the three you often put aside as nothing more than just the lamenting of a tired mind and spirit to continue on.

However, you know you must. It isn’t an option that you can accept. In fact, you even find it difficult to comprehend.

In today’s world, or era, you find a smaller network, a smaller world and in fact, a smaller universe. Information flows freely, which is the exact reason why you are reading my thoughts at the moment.

Everything seems to be your problem. Are you one that finds it easy to ignore what’s happening beyond your own immediate borders of social connections?

To think that you are, or to know that you are, in fact ignorant of the larger world at part, means that you aren’t living in the 21st century at all, you are merely a shadow of the past struggling to comprehend the pathways of the future. You are lost, hence ignorant, of what the world today demands of you as a citizen of Earth. Yes, Earth. Not your sovereign nation or government.

Unsettlement in the Middle East affects the prices you pay to move from point A to point B, no matter which corner in the world you may be hiding.

Un-appeasement of fundamentalists means that you can only close one eye to the extent of which the lives that has been taken in unconceivable acts against humanity, isn’t at your doorstep just yet. Wake up! It is on the screen that you are staring at this very moment…all it needs is for you to type, or, and you will find not only pictures…but JUSTIFICATIONS…fucking JUSTIFICATIONS of such acts!

You read on and you ask, where the fuck did these people come from? How the fuck and why the fuck do they think it even justifiable to take a life which they have no part in at all. How do you link 300 million souls as being responsible for the act of a handful of policy makers, and then further on your outrage to the world’s population at large?

Not my doorstep, not my problem.

So while you’re brushing up and putting on your Armani suits, setting up your hair and spraying on cologne or perfume, someone on the other doorstep in another part of the world wonders…if the world doesn’t care about me why should I care about them?

See the vicious cycle that is the distant human connection? Bloody ironic in a world where internet superhighways have supposedly pulled humanity…mankind…closer. We were more caring once upon a time when we were much distant. Or maybe, because the forms of communications then were much more personal?

Where does this lead to? Why is my first spam a rant of an unsatisfied person who is supposed to be posting about his sexual encounters with the females of this world?

I don’t know. You be my guest and make the call. Yes, it’s a mile away from my promised recollection of "oiling" experience last Saturday. One must say that Lauren looked pleased with the whole experience, and so did I.

Fuck, moving away from topic.

I chilled at home the rest of the weekend catching up, as I usually do, on current issues. Talking to some mates yesterday night got me thinking on how ignorant some of these bastards may be.

How can a life of one person, anyone for that matter, be less important than the cent you pay for petrol cost. In a bid to put forth my explanation for their pocket holes I get bombarded with the most ignorant, fucking unbelievable response I have heard to the topic:

"The kids aren’t paying for my petrol, so why should I care?"

Good fucking bye. I don’t need to talk to someone who can’t comprehend that he is way of the centre of the universe…try the next fucking galaxy!

Afternoon after...

Multi-tasking can be a bitch at times. People say that us men suck at multi-tasking...well, I think that depends what you're trying to shuffle between.

I'm seeing (technically) 3 different ladies at the moment; Lauren, Shanel and Krystal.

Among the 3, I see Shanel the most often. Probably about twice a week, or AT LEAST twice a week. Lauren I tend to meet once every 2 weeks or so, and Krystal, well Krystal and I seem to get together whenever we feel like it and always just for one specific purpose.

So the Saturday afternoon after I spent part of the night at Kaitlin's, I had a lunch meet with Lauren at 1pm at the Chancellary. I'm up by 12pm (having slept for about 5-6 hours), not being able to sleep any longer (a habit I picked up ever since I started the long hours my work requires). A flick of my phone shows me that I haven't missed anything important, not least, Lauren's call.

For a while I sit on my bed wondering whether it was just lunch, or if we had planned on doing something else. Nope, not that I could remember. So I pop into the shower, give myself a shave and put on a white, short sleeved shirt and a pair of Diesel jeans. It's a nice day...casual is just fine.

I quickly take a look around my room to make sure I didn't leave any sort of incriminating evidence from the night before. Sweet, everything looks good...nothing in my pants or wallet or jacket as well. You never know when you bring things back home that aren't yours, and then dump it somewhere only to be found by someone other than yourself!

I pick up the keys to my Accord and spray on Aqua di Gio over my neck and wrists. I'm outta there.

5 minutes to 1 and Lauren rings me. "I'm looking for a park". I lied, I had only just left my apartment. Lucky for me I live in town.

Within 10 minutes I'm walking out of my car towards Mecca, scouting out where Lauren might be. Damn, I forgot to get some flowers. It's been, about 3 weeks since I last saw her? 1 of those weeks I was over in Sydney on business, and another 5 days after that she was in Wellington visiting family. Oh well.

I spot Lauren sitting at a table out in the sun, next to the courtyard bar, smoking away with her back faced to me as I walk towards her. She turns back just as I lean down to kiss her on the neck...

"Sorry I'm late sweetie, miss me?"

"Not much. Haha."

She circles her arm around my neck and our lips lock for a moment. I then gladly sit myself right opposite her, looking at her to see if anything's changed. Lost weight or gained any?

I met Lauren 3 months ago at a house party organised by a mate of my mate. I cannot really recall the finer details of it, but suffice to say we spent lots of time talking to each other that night...and she ended up spending the night over at my place...and the following night. I took her out to shop for some clothes and minor toiletries during the day, all of which I happily forked out for, in exchange for her company. Well, that may sound a little wasn't exactly like that. But I had inch of a feeling I'd stay around her for a little longer, so it was due time to do a bit more of an impression than just pick up chats like the night before.

She has rich brown hair, a little curly but not too much (I'm not a big fan of really curled up hair), a bit on the big side in terms of body (size 10), but she has an attitude which she carries that exudes confidence in the way she looks (hey, I didn't say that she looked bad at all...) and the way she talks. A big smile, a little tanned, but she is just one of those "girl next door" types which makes it a little different from your usual barbie doll fucks.

The relationship from then on was kept quite casual, although she has repeatedly said that she isn't seeing anyone else. When she asks me, I lie. I can see she's pretty hooked in some ways, but no need to proceed further than where we already are, but no need to let her know that any way. I have kept our 'dates' to a minimal, more to keep my own interest than hers. Why am I around her a little longer than the others? Not sure really. She's one of those where you talk to and is interesting, and then you sit back and think "I'd like to fuck you now...", you look innocent and you look naive...more because you think you can control men and you're one up in the "take no nonsense" sector...but I like the way you look and moan for me when you're on my sheets...or yours for that matter.

Sex with Lauren, somehow or rather always involved just that bit of domination from me...which I like, especially taking into account her character...and to which she oblidges.

Lunch that Saturday was all about catching up...she telling me what she bought in Wellington and how her sister is doing, and me telling her how uneventful the past 3 weeks have been. This all done in between me chewing down the lamb kebabs which are ever so delicious...especially for a hungering bloke like me...having much to drink the night before and no food in between then and now.

"So, did you hook up with anyone lately?" she asks. I saw this it was no surprise.

"Nah...not on my mind at the moment sweetie"

"Oh. So you've manage to keep your dick in your pants for what, a record time now?" she jokingly says. I know she's still putting on her whole "I know men, and I can rule them" confidence galore.

I put my fork and knife down, wipe my mouth with the tissue and look at her.

"Yes, although I must's bursting to come out at the moment."

"Really? At this very moment?" she fakes a surprised and bemused look.

I decide to stick one at her...cherishing the control I have over a woman who though SHE was in control.

"Uh huh. For some reason, the look on your face when I took you from your, erm...other hole the other day...keeps going through my head"

It worked. She blushes and sneaks through a tight smile.

"Has it been used since then?" I ask. Knowing very well that it was two nights before I left for Sydney when I had anal with her.

"Matt! No."

"Well, I would imagine it needs an oiling then...and as a matter of fact I know that my dick would be more than happy to..."

She gasps...I couldn't really tell if her disbelief was genuine or not, but I decided not to go any further with the little tit for tat.

I smile and change the subject to something else...commenting on the necklace on her neck which she mentioned she bought in Wellington. She was more than happy to follow my lead.

After our meal, some more wine and more irrelevant talk, I look at the time...2:15pm.

"So what's the plan sweetie?"

She looks up for a while, as if thinking.

"Well, there's something that needs oiling..."

I grab the bill.

Late now, more tomorrow...I finish up the weekend and try to head into this week as much as I can.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just "average"

My second post, but in actual fact it is my first post with any substance at all.

This blog, to be honest, was actually inspired by my best mate, Andy (lets just call him that). The guy who I hang out with most of the time, do guy stuff with together like a game of billiards, daredevil stunts, soccer during good weathers or even just having a beer.
One beer session in particular, took place last weekend. There we were again talking about absolute shit and going no where, when he asked me:

"So how was….what was her name?"


"Friday night at Float…that blondie"

"Oh, Kaitlin"

"Yeah that one. So, when I left you guys were still hard out on it…got her home?"

"Which one?"

"Don’t be a dick."

"Haha…her place, bro. Wasn’t anything much."

"Why’s that?"

"Nothing in particular. She was just average. Been there done that kind of girl."

"So I guess you didn’t bother with her number then?"

"Haha…she gave it to me, I have it somewhere if you want it!"

"Piss off! Don’t want anything to do with the ones you’ve laid"

And the chat went on with us taking the piss out of each other. What Andy said at the end wasn’t exactly true, he has had ladies which I had previously got bored with before…like 2 days after. There aren’t many in that category (ladies which we both have laid), 3 or 4, 5 at the most. Some of it I had first, some the other way around.

In any case, the chat went on with us both talking about past ventures, if you can call it that. Then Andy kind of joked that it with all the girls and ladies around talking about guys openly and who they dated and shit, how they like to be seduced and what nots so openly on the world wide web of believe what you will…..maybe it’s time for a guy to tell all. Haha!
So it led from there. I don’t know if I’d be a devout blogger or diarist or whatever you may call it.

But I do know, that sometimes after certain flirtations and an evening or 2 (maybe a week?) spent with a capturing brunette or a hot blonde…I do sometimes wonder why it is I haven’t stayed behind any longer? I do sometimes compare the currents and the previous…and think about the future. Well, now you can read about it.

So, what makes me qualified? Nothing. I’m just your average guy, so take from me what you will. I think I can hold my own in terms of looks, I don’t look ugly or anything, but I have had women come to start off the conversation with me before…on several occasions.
I earn well (investment banker and some other interests), have my own apartment in the CBD (never one for a house…), own 2 cars; a Honda Accord 2005 Euro, which I drive to work and on most occasions, and a Mercedes SL65 Roadster 2005, which I drive when I want to and am on most occasions, a workaholic whom sometimes leave just enough time to have some fun. Heck…I am only 26!

Right, maybe too little information for you to start on but I’m sure you’ll catch up along the way. This is the same premise where I start my little tale of night outs and morning afters. Where exactly do I start?

Lets deal with the present. I am sure over the course of time we may dig back to the past a little just to get a clearer picture on things, but at the moment, the present will suffice.
As I said to Andy, I don’t intend on seeing Kaitlin again anytime soon…if anytime at all. At Float last Friday, she was there with her friends and looked like she was having a good time. Big smile, laughed a lot, good curves and hey…she looked hot!

I watched her…okay…not stalk….merely just kept a look out on her and thought I’d walk up should the opportunity arise. I wasn’t really intent on hooking up that night, but heck…if the door opens why should I not walk in.

The door did open. After about an hour at Float hitting up on whiskey with ginger ale and RedBull vodkas, I caught a glimpse of her going away from her friends on the dance floor. Right, I forgot to mention here that I was on the second floor at Float, where my mates and I were grouped up at a table next to the square balcony space which overlooks the dance floor. So yeah, that’s how I came to ‘find’ her in the first place, and how it was so easy to keep a lookout for open doors.

Back to the story. I saw her walking off, presumably to the toilet (that’s what I thought at first). But as I traced the balcony to go down the stairs, not once taking my eyes off the blonde cutie, I saw her dig into her handbag and just slightly caught a glimpse of her pulling out a cigarette box. Thank the government for the smoking ban…I know where she’ll be now!

I quickly walk down the stairs and headed towards the front door. Gulped down what remained of my vodka and left it on the bar before I walked out. What a bloody queue out the front to get in!

She wasn’t too hard to find. In her white tube top and white mini-skirt, straight blonde hair…haha…yeah she might look like the average blondie but I knew who I was looking for. There she was away from the crowd, cigarette in one hand and phone in the other, fingers flicking through the keys which meant that she was probably texting someone. Good, I thought. She won’t notice me approaching her.

I walk right up her from the back…she’s still engrossed in her phone.

"Hey there….would you happen to have a light on you?" (simplest line you can think of, one that people often don’t think too much about but a good way to start…)

"Sure" (the fixation on her phone is gone, she dumps it into her handbag and searches for a lighter…hand pops out with a lighter in hand and offers it to me)

"Thanks. Sorry bout that"

"That’s alright"

"How’s your night going? I hope it’s just starting."

"Oh, I’ve been here for a while actually, with my friends. It’s been good"

"Ahh, I hope that wasn’t the boyfriend asking you what time you’re due home?"

"Haha, no, I don’t have a boyfriend (no would have suffice, stating she wasn’t hooked up meant a little something more…still, more work to be done). Just a friend and I making plans for tomorrow."

"You’re quite the party girl aren’t you? Not done with one night and already making plans for the other"

"Haha. No it’s not that. We were just planning to go shopping. I need to get a dress for my birthday which is coming up soon"

"Your birthday? When’s that?"

"Next week."

"Well it may be early, but Happy Birthday!"


"My name’s Matt by the way. Just in case you were wondering why a no-name guy was giving you birthday wishes, haha!"

"I’m Kaitlin. So, you here with your friends as well" (stupid question…what I’m here alone?)

"Yeah yeah. Just me and some of my mates having a drink or two. It’s a Friday, so it’s a time to wind down after a week of work"

"I know, tell me about it. What do you do?"

"Mess with money (she looks befuddled)…to make more money, haha! Not very descriptive is it?"

"Haha, isn’t that what everyone does?"

"More or less. I’m in investments and finance. What about you?"

"I’m a PA at this place called (no need for the name)"

So the start of the conversation went something like that. We chatted for the next 15 minutes or so before I asked if she and her friends would like joining me and my mates. "We can open up some bubblies for all of us", I said. She said she’d ask her friends, so I told her where we were and asked her to come up with them if they wanted. "If not, I’d still like to be able to buy you a drink, for your birthday."

She laughed and said how that sounded like a good idea. She did come up with her friends, and we did open some Moet’s, and I did end up buying her a "birthday drink". More than one, to be precise.

I noticed that Chris, one of my other mates, was getting it on with a friend of Kaitlin’s…in fact, they seemed to be so hot for each other at the time you’d think that they were actually a couple. He caught my eye on one occasion and smiled with a message that seemed to say "Thanks for the group you brought up…".

Me and Kaitlin hit the dance floor and I must say, she does know how to move her ass! Our hands were all over each other and before you know it I was taking in breaths close to her neck and we were kissing each other…all this in a space of probably…an hour after we met?

At about 4am we decided it was time to head home. The others had left with the exception of Chris and…whatever her name was. I asked Kaitlin how she was planning on going home and she said she would catch a cab.

"I’ll give you a ride home, my car’s just down the road." It was the Accord tonight, nothing too flash but I like the car, it’s solid and it looks good. Not overly dollar signs all over it and less pretentious.

"I still feel like another drink or two, you want to join me?"

"Where do you have in mind?"

She leans over, "My place."

That was it. We were at her place 15 minutes later. No drinks, though…not that we both didn’t know it was just an excuse to avoid the more direct "Do you want to fuck?"

She flatted with this other girlfriend of hers, who was sleeping. I quite remember her saying "ssshhh….my flatmate’s asleep". I would have reminded her of that when she was moaning away as she was on her hands and knees with me taking her from the back…no, not anal…who does anal on a first and with someone they don’t know? I’d be worried if she did…

Sex was average. She gave an alright blowjob…lasted for about 1 minute and she didn’t do anything much besides having her head go up and down in similer, consistent motions. Either I was pissed or there was really no tongue action at all. C’mon girls, blowjobs are all about tongue actions.

"C’mon, I want to see how warm you are inside" was all I said. Got her spread on the bed and slammed my cock into her. "Turn around", and took her from behind, doggy style. At this point, I was wondering "It’s not getting any better…just want to come and get out".

So I did. She was still huffing heavily, and I fell down like a log right next to her. Not because I was tired from the sex. More cause I had the "right…so that’s done…no surprises there" kind of feeling. She mumbled a couple of things and I replied with monotonous yes’ or no’s. Half an hour later I was out of there heading home.

Just another Friday night, and tomorrow, it’s lunch with Lauren. More on her later.


Monday, May 01, 2006

First up...

More to come.

Let me get my head around this, and very quickly you will see what this is all about.